slacker backer closed

Slacker Backer Now Closed!

Super World Karts won the KickStarter race on it’s second lap! Fantastic!

631 awesome backers came together to help fund Super World Karts into existence, with $17,816 AUD. It was a truly momentous occasion for Super World Karts, and One Legged Seagull Games! One which won’t be forgotten.



Funding Totals

Kickstarter funds raised: $17,816 AUD from 631 backers
PayPal funds raised: $446 AUD from 22 slacker-backers

Final Count: $18,262 AUD – Thank You! 

29th March 2015

I’ve decided to close this Slacker Backer page so I can concentrate on building the game, and to allow Steam and OUYA to take care of all sales from then onwards. Thanks to everyone who hopped on while it was open!

Beta starts – The BETA is live right now on both Steam (closed BETA) and OUYA (open BETA)!

Final Release date goal – June 2015

The BETA price will come down by $5 at the end of each month leading up to the June release date, when the release price will be $9.95.

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