Development Update #6 – February 2015

Hey kart lovers!

The Steam BETA process has been a huge success, going out to over 200 people (!) – and only a handful had the email eaten by aggressive spam filters overstepping their jurisdiction! 😀 


Fasten your seatbelts OUYA backers, the OUYA BETA will be happening very VERY soon! As such, I need to find out which BETA backers were after an OUYA key. Shoot me an email as soon as you can to so I can get it to you in the next week or two.

Updated currency

I’ve come up with a nice replacement to the Golden Rings that were being used as the in game currency (to be used for unlocking karts). They look great on track and really stand out well.

But what are we going to call them? Galaxy Gems? Rainbow Rupees? Spectrum (48k?) Shards? Jelly Jewels? Stellar Stones? Stick your suggestion on a postcard (leave a comment!)


A sign of things to come

Watching people playing your game is the best way of finding potholes that, as a developer, weren’t able to notice while playing yourself. One thing which stood out recently was people on occasion not being entirely sure of which way to go when they lost sight of the CPU karts. I’ve got arrows painted on the roads here and there, but they’re not always instantly seen. Obviously the best solution to this is a road-side sign!

With a billboard object in a mode7 game, no matter which angle you look at it from, it faces you, and a potential problem with an arrow sign would be an arrow that always points East of your current viewing direction (you’d end up driving in circles!)

So, to solve that you need to have 360 degree animation frames of the object, giving the illusion of a 3d object, then if you look at it from the side you wont take a wrong turn.

Look out!

Here Comes A New Challenger!!

Quite the Dashing pair!
Quite the Dashing pair!


I’m seeing double.. two characters in one kart!?!

These are the titular characters of the game Clive’N’Wrench, an awesome future Collect-a-thon in the style of ’90s N64 classics you know and love like the Banjo series and Mario64 and also PlayStation games like Jak & Daxter. It’s currently funding right now. You can check it out in the awesome project video below, which features the Voice Over talent of ShadyVox.

There are a couple of links with One Legged Seagull here. ShadyVox, the voice of both Clive & Wrench, is also supplying some of the voice work for some of the other Super Indie Karts characters from the original World Karts character list! Another link is that Papa Seagull also helped to design the game’s awesome new logo! =)

If you’re a fan of these types of games you’ll no doubt be over the moon to, finally (after very little in the last 2 decades!), be seeing a few indie ones on the horizon. New indie Collect-a-thons like Lobodestroyo and A Hat In Time (and now Clive’N’Wrench) have really gotten me excited about the genre again.

If you want to check it out before you throw your support behind it, go to its project page and there is a link to a free demo stage to test out a really early version of the game! It’s still quite rough in places, as it’s still over a year away from release, so you’ll have to cut them some slack.

As you know, KickStarters need the best start they can possibly muster, so join me in helping throw as much early support Clive’N’Wrench’s way as we can, and help another indie dream come true!

Till next time!
Papa Seagull

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