Development Update #13 – October 2015

Changes made for v0.41 




  • upgraded Amsterdam‘s almost 2yr old track with nice new trees, repainted the whole track texture, and added 3d walls, bringing it up to date and in-line with the newer tracks released more recently
  • added some Dynamic Friction to the kart’s physics – making it feel way less slippy, and more hefty. You might find the kart a bit clunkier now but this is something that will later be configurable with player editable kart stats
  • added great new battle arena, Quad Blox Arena! – (had a lot of fun in this one!)
  • added 3d walls to the Paris, Uluru, Colorado tracks
  • added some official Toto Temple Deluxe music to its race
  • added voices for Runbow‘s Hue & Val


  • fixed steering bug where turning left was 10% faster than turning right! How long has this been going on??
  • fixed broken mirror mode in Loch Lomond’s race
  • 90% fixed ramp walls stopping you if you accidentally hopped onto the ramp (seriously stop hopping into ramps.. :D)
  • made some more joypad vibration fixes
  • fixed a bug where your position displayed in the bottom corner would change after finishing a race!

Keep on drifting!


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