December Update

Happy Holidays to you all! It’s been a great year for One Legged Seagull, and I hope to have a great 2015 too!

The Good News

Work on Super Indie Karts is still speeding along. A lot of it in the form of tweaks of things you might not be able to see in a video but which make the game feel a lot better when playing than it did two months ago. Things you might notice though are:

  • Boost Pads are no longer just flat objects on the ground (this makes them much easier to see in the distance)
  • Hud icons near the Ring Counter to show when Golden Mushrooms are found
  • A cleaner Drift Boost Meter
  • CPU karts now make voice sounds too
  • Groups of birds to chase
  • HUD joypad button indicators to show which buttons you can press for things
  • CPU karts can now fire the heatseeking Loconuts
  • Respawn at the start of a crossover junction jump if you stuff it up (prevents people going the wrong way and getting lost)
  • many millions of other minor tweaks, all adding to a more positive experience


The Not-So Good News (depending on perspective)

Unfortunately the Beta release has had to be postponed a little to clean up some things which I thought would be cleaned by now, and to add a full “Indie Cup“. It’s not too far off though and I fully expect to have it ready by the end of January.

Hopefully you got so much goodness from Santa last week to play with that this won’t produce too much hate mail!

Video Updates

Here’s a peek at a newly completed track, the first of the Indie Cup tracks. This is the Canabalt themed race Roof Top Hop.

As you can see it’s filled with precarious jumps, just like Canabalt!

The second Indie Cup track also revealed this week is for the Whispering Willows crossover. Check out this spooky garden:

I still have a few things to finish up on these crossovers, like animating Elena’s spirit form, and adding some trees around the track, but they’re already looking cool enough to show them off to you now.

Its always refreshing to have some new tracks to race around on while testing new features and gameplay tweaks, and I’ve really enjoyed making (and testing) these new tracks.

See you in the new year, and have a good one!


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