BETA update March

Good news for everyone wanting more ways to play, this week’s update, coming in a few days, will add Mirror Mode to GP! The MM versions of the cups also have their own achievement stats too! So if you’ve already got a gold cup, you can try to achieve it again in MM. After playing the tracks for so long (I’ve worked on the game a while now) it’s really funny to play them in mirror mode now, some of them just feel like completely new tracks!

Other changes are

  • a slight nerfing of cpu kart speeds in the 100cc and 150cc
  • roadside arrow signs to show which way to turn
  • a half finished new track in the second Indie Cup!

There are still some issues with MM, some track elements get messed up in the mirroring process, most visibly the new roadside arrow signs which point the wrong way, and skylines don’t flip yet, but all things that will be ironed as we go. It’s not perfect but I think it’s in a state now where it’s workable.


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