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Development Update #8 – April 2015

Here Comes A New Challenger!!

Lea from Cross-Code! CrossCode is a fantastic looking action RPG type game, with amazing pixel graphics and design, from Radical Fish Games, with shades of Sword Art Online, Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Pong! 😀

It comes complete with the best Alpha demo I’ve ever played, available to play right now over at – Give it a test and throw your backing their way, the game is incredible! Not only will Lea be appearing in SIK, but there will also be a SIK easter egg in Cross-Code! With only 24hrs to go on their campaign they’re so close and only need a little nudge to make it!

Lea will be available to race in SIK in this week’s update! (v0.32)

Nintendo Direct

An unexpected nice surprise this month for Super Indie Karts fans came in the form of the latest Nintendo Direct which had 3 Super Indie Karts crossovers featured in their Indie Games section – Toto Temple Deluxe, Adventures Of Pip, and Shutshimi! Well done to them all for such an amazing achievement!

I imagine more crossovers will appear in coming Directs too, who knows, maybe one day we might even see SIK in one?? 😀

Indie Cup 2!

Development of the 2nd Indie Cup has begun! The first track, currently in a Work In Progress state, is for the game Read Only Memories, and it’s pretty special! You can see 20 seconds of it in the CrossCode video at the top.

the future is now! 
the future is now!

The team at Midboss are currently jamming out their preparations for E3, and once they’re back from that craziness, we’ll be putting together some final touches on this awesome racetrack. It’s currently needing more detail in the skyline, and some trackside billboards. (So when it’s complete it’s somehow going to look even better than it does now!)

BETA Access

Backers in the BETA tiers have been enjoying their exclusive access to the BETA for two and a half months now, and the feedback received has been invaluable! Now, as the closed Steam BETA period comes to an end, and with the public open BETA about to go live on Steam next week, Steam keys will be going out to backers from the $20 and $24 tiers over the next few days. If you backed at $20-$24, please keep an eye out for emails from (or add it to your address book today to avoid it going to the spam folder, which happens more than you might imagine!) so you can get onto the grid without any issues! If you’re after the OUYA version of the game please email the support address above to let me know! 

As always, any problems, email that support address. Bear with me though as I’m manning the support emails myself, which got quite busy last time I was giving out keys, and juggling that with everything else, it might take me a day or two to get to your spot in the queue.


Everyone who has backed the game via KickStarter will be playing the game before anyone gets it on Steam Early Access at the same price.

Other tiers will be notified when their time comes around. I have to release keys in stages as it’s impossible to do it any other way. Hang in there, I will get to you all eventually!

If anyone feels like their toes have been stepped on, I apologise. There’s no guide for how to handle all of this juggling act perfectly and I’m seeing lots of projects stumble when trying to keep everything as fair as possible for as many people as they can while trying to expand their audience. Please feel free to email with your concerns, or private message me here, or if you want to have a public discussion with other backers about it please reply to this update – just remember to be respectful to each other! 🙂

Completion Schedule

As you already know, Super Indie Karts is taking longer to complete than I had anticipated last year, mainly because the game has gotten much more “Super”! All of these awesome crossover characters and tracks are taking a lot more time to complete than I had expected them to, and much more time than it was taking me to make the original ‘world’ content. But the extra time is definitely worth it, I have no doubt of that. The new Indie racetracks and characters are looking so good I wouldn’t change a thing, they’re by far the best part of the game, and will be the number one attraction for potential new players.

I just wanted to take a moment to ease some concerns people might have about the development funds running out. Currently I don’t see any funding problems. Thanks to OUYA doubling every dollar of the project’s target goal soon, and with the money raised from the Open BETA on OUYA (and hopefully soon through Steam), the kart engines will stay well-oiled until the project is fully completed!

Please Understand

I’ve honestly no idea at what stage of completion the game will be in come June 28th, because every crossover takes a different amount of time to create (some just take longer to complete!). But one thing I am certain of is that it will be released to all of its backers at that time regardless. In June, you will all gain access to the game, and its BETA updates as the game is continued to be worked on until I get everything finished 100%. (I think that’s a much better road to take than locking you all out until the game is finished!)

I really don’t want to rush through construction of content, just to tick off items from my KickStarter promises list, so the game is “completed” by a certain date. Like you, I want it to be the best it can be. To paraphrase some random game designer guy: “A delayed game can eventually be good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” – Shigeru Miyamoto