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BETA update March

Good news for everyone wanting more ways to play, this week’s update, coming in a few days, will add Mirror Mode to GP! The MM versions of the cups also have their own achievement stats too! So if you’ve already got a gold cup, you can try to achieve it again in MM. After playing the tracks for so long (I’ve worked on the game a while now) it’s really funny to play them in mirror mode now, some of them just feel like completely new tracks!

Other changes are

  • a slight nerfing of cpu kart speeds in the 100cc and 150cc
  • roadside arrow signs to show which way to turn
  • a half finished new track in the second Indie Cup!

There are still some issues with MM, some track elements get messed up in the mirroring process, most visibly the new roadside arrow signs which point the wrong way, and skylines don’t flip yet, but all things that will be ironed as we go. It’s not perfect but I think it’s in a state now where it’s workable.


Development Update #7 – March 2015


So, the OUYA Open BETA began this month (and largely went without a hitch) and everyone got their keys eventually! Huzzah!

And after its first week available as an Early Access BETA on OUYA, Super Indie Karts is sitting in Pole Position on OUYA’s store! (at least here down under). Which is pretty Super amazing! 😀 – I’m sure it won’t be long before the prevalent Amazing Frog? is back on top however.


To celebrate I refurbished Sparkie’s kart!


Kart Sprite Updates

In my ongoing mission to upgrade all of the older karts to my newer kart model, designed for Clive’n’Wrench’s kart – which is a much nicer set of sprites, I’ve now gotten around to updating some of the oldest crossovers.

Here’s the new Toto Temple Deluxe karts!

Toto Temple Redux 
Toto Temple Redux


Previously the Toto karts were just palette swapped clones of the prototype version of the green one. Now each of them has their own individual character and I really feel like I’ve done them justice, achieving a much closer aping of the art style they have in TTD. Toto Temple Deluxe will be coming this summer on PS4, XboxOne, WiiU, and Steam, so look out for it. (Or you can grab it on an OUYA right now, it’s heaps fun)

Read Only Memories

Turing’s kart for Read Only Memories also got a nice new paint job too.



But not only that, I also added Conway and Spirit from ROM too! You can never have too many ROM bots!

Read Only Memories is a new cyberpunk adventure that takes place in 2064 in Neo-SF, and is available as a preorder and free demo over at Midboss.

BETA Pricing

I’d like to be as transparent as I can with the BETA pricing. Each weekend a new update to the game is going live, on Steam and OUYA, and as the weeks roll by, and we get closer to the general open release in June, the price of the BETA has to get closer and closer to the final price of $9.95. So, at the end of each month the price will come down by $5 until June.

So, approximately on the

  • 29th of March – $25
  • 26th of April – $20
  • 24th of May – $15
  • 28th of June – $9.95

Also, I don’t want backers feeling ill when the BETA drops below the price they paid, so when the BETA price drops below the price of the tier you backed at then you’ll be sent your game key automatically. So for example, if you backed at the $16 “Game + Credit” tier and the date is after the May price drop to $15, you’ll be sent your game key. This seems like the fairest way to handle it.



I’ve also added an upgrade path on the PayPal page to allow backers who don’t have BETA access yet to upgrade their pledge to the BETA tier. Just scroll down to the bottom here, choose your upgrade option and follow the PayPal instructions. If you use a different payment email address to the one you used on KickStarter just let me know in an email to

Shout-out for Spooky Poo’s Happy Hell

Really, just the name of this project should be enough to grab you! This game looks really sweet and the prototype plays amazingly, it’s astonishingly solid. I love the character work (dat nose) and the atmosphere is really quirky..

It’s sitting at just over half funded right now, and with only a few days left you’ll have to get in quick if it’s going to hit its very reasonable $13,666 target.

Until next time!
Papa Seagull